Kokkolan Karate, a karate club located in Kokkola, welcomes you to explore our Gijomon-kai style, focused on self-defense. We provide challenges and opportunities for both beginners and more experienced karate practitioners.

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Gijomon-kai Karate

Our club practices Gijomon-kai, a karate style founded in 1977 by Yoshiji Kaku and introduced in Finland by Kim Isaksson in 1994. Gijomon signifies “duty first” or acting towards one’s duty.

In Gijomon-kai karate, the techniques practiced include various punches, kicks, blocks, control grips, throws, falls, and other self-defense techniques. In addition to combat, an important aspect of the discipline is the development of both physical and mental fitness, making karate a truly holistic form of exercise.

Welcome to discover Gijomon-kai karate!

Karate Basic Course

A new karate basic course begins in the fall on August 14th. This is your unique opportunity to learn self-defense and the fundamentals of karate from our experienced instructors. Limited spots available, reserve your spot through the link below. 👊🏼

Register for the Karate basic course at Suomisport